Game-Off: Bleach: Blade of Fate vs. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin vs. Final Fantasy IV

I had a flight out to Anaheim to go on vacation, and what better way to spend a flight than wrapped in your girlfriend’s arms in the airplane lavatory as you renew your membership to the Mile High Club? However, I opted for another route: I brought along my DS and three new games. A copy of Bionicle Heroes came with Bleach, but I’m still undecided whether I want to keep that or give it to my nephews who may enjoy it more than I ever will.

Bleach: Blade of Fate vs. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin vs. Final Fantasy IV

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Retrograde Review: Kirby Super Star

The Super Nintendo is easily my favorite video game system; I still have it hooked to my HDTV and I still play games on it. While it didn’t have the power to push lifelike polygons and games over 30 hours to today’s standards, it has the soul that hasn’t been in games for a while since the outbreak of CD technology. While there are numerous games on the Super Nintendo that will always be remembered and spoken about, one touching classic does not often pass the lips of the casual gamer who was alive in the early 90’s: Kirby Super Star. While Kirby Super Star isn’t anywhere close to being the paradigm classic of the Super Nintendo, it certainly stands out as a memorable game, and possibly one of the best Kirby games you could play for any system.

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