Movie Review – P.S. This Is Sparta

P.S. This Is Sparta

Director: Richard Snyder (I Love You 300 Times)
MPAA Rating: R (for intense violence, nudity, sappy romance, and yelling into one’s ear.)
What I Expected: A cheesy romance film about relationships and feelings.
What I Got: The most epic love story of all time.
Appeals To: Spartans, soldiers, women, Gerard Butler Fans, anyone.

Now, I’m not usually one to see cheesy romance films. They usually have the same message – love is a wonderful thing. While I’m sure it is from the many reviews I’ve read about it and countless pictures of couples making out to express their love because nobody would believe they’re a couple if they didn’t, I think the Hollywood industry is trying to fleece us. They give us this short, sweet tale about a couple who clearly love each other but don’t know how to treat each other as such. I’m glad someone finally decided to show us what love is really supposed to be.

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