Civitas ex Machina (Since May 5, 2008, abbreviated as CxM) is a blog dedicated to bridging the gap between the bohemian and the techie, with reviews on movies, games, and food, with some geek/entertainment excursions on the side.

Some of my favorite Internet personalities don’t stick to a schedule, and neither do I. I tried, but I decided I hate rules and limitations, and I’d much rather bring quality, thoughtful, insightful work than a constant stream of forced articles. That said, expect maybe two to three updates per week. I like to talk about the old and the new; expect the new to come towards the beginning or the end of each week.

I am Setsuna Setsunai (2X/M/NYC), a tech pro by day, gamer by night, and adventurer by weekend – an enthusiast with a strong passion for life and all things I do, with a strong-willed curiosity to try new things.

My credo: “I am, and that’s all you need to know.” I’m not set on limiting myself to any kind of label or archetype since I don’t appreciate them much. I also have a very “damn-the-rules” attitude, especially when it comes to writing, because the only cosmic rule in the universe is that “if you can help it, it should be good.”

I’m very much glad you read my blog, and will take any suggestions.


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