E3 Announces Chrono Trigger DS, My Life Has New Meaning

Yes, you read the title right: E3 has announced that Chrono Trigger is being re-released on the DS.

The rerelease of Chrono Trigger will utilize the dual-screen technology, as well as integrate a touch-screen interface with the game. Unlike the Final Fantasy remakes, Chrono Trigger is coming back looking like it did back in the 90s, in the classic Toriyama sprite style.

Okay, maybe Chrono Trigger coming to the DS isn’t something that will change my life forever. After all, I’ve beaten the game over 80 times, beaten the game with the lowest possible levels for each character, and have done most of what there is to do with the game. But does Chrono Trigger really need to change my life any more than it did?

I’d be lying if I said I entirely want Chrono Trigger to be left untouched as the directors decided to do. Part of me, after seeing a couple of squashed fan attempts of a 3D remake that will make me shrug Final Fantasy VII for PS3 if it ever decided to come out (you read that right) and a few other anime-styled games with high-res graphics like Odin Sphere, Guilty Gear, and Atomiswave’s Hokuto no Ken make me curious how a revamped game would look – though maybe the DS is no system for that. In addition to that, DS features such as WiFi trading would be nice to include since the hardware is already there. Finally, thirteen years of growing on me and several fans of the game have left lots of room for speculation. Personally, I’ve always wondered why there isn’t a rock-based Triple Tech for Flare, Dark Matter, and Luminaire.

That being said, I throw away all sentiments of “what if” after seeing the trailer site. I won’t be heartbroken if anyone says, “no.” It’s probably better off that way, too, in order to curb any temptations of spoiling a wonderful classic: even though Super Mario All Stars had better graphics, people still love the old-school version of Super Mario Bros. more.

Nothing needs to change on my absolute favorite game of all time: I’ve beaten it 80 times and I’ll beat it 80 more times when I don’t have anything better to do. If it gives you a sense how much I love Chrono Trigger, I refused to buy Call of Duty 4 for $60 (I bought it for $30 on sale with a customer reward coupon attached), but $60 for a used, box-only, second copy of Chrono Trigger was reasonable for me; I swear by it feeling most authentic on a SNES controller and after my Kirby Super Star‘s battery started to fail, I don’t want that to happen to my most beloved classic. Of course, when Chrono Trigger DS was announced, that second SNES copy seems illogical: the only thing better than Chrono Trigger is a loyal, portable Chrono Trigger port.

What do I want from Chrono Trigger? At the very least, a loyal port with no loading, lags, or bugs – and from what it seems, that’s what I’m getting. With the potential for more, I don’t see why they can’t spend the next six or so months kinking out a few extra features to take better advantage of the available hardware, but I suppose it’s best I curb my temptation to play with fire. With or without changes, classic Chrono Trigger is going portable and I’m going to be a hell of a lot less productive once it comes out.

If you’re anywhere as much of a Chrono Trigger fan as I am, your heart will race as mine did in the following links:
Chrono Trigger DS Official Japanese Site
GameSpot’s Hands On of Chrono Trigger DS
Chrono Trigger on Wikipedia

~ Setsuna Setsunai


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