Movie Review: Feast

A well-written plot sets Feast apart from the other gross horror-borers.

Director: John Gulager
MPAA Rating: Not Rated (Director’s Cut from original R)
What I Expected: A horror film that promises what all horror films promise.
What I Got: A horror film that’s surprisingly well written.
Appeals To: Horror movie fans and anyone who appreciates a good laugh and plot twists.

I admit that horror films are the one area where I am truly biased. I give horror films a bad rap, but that’s because most horror films insult me – they put me in some far out premise that some lamely designed mythical beast or serial killer with some quirky and campy gimmick is going to kill me if I act like a moron teenager. A horror film is supposed to scare me, and most of them don’t. Feast didn’t scare me, but I still credit it for its viscerally unique story.

Feast is like the bad half of Robert Rodriguez’s From Dusk Till Dawn. A bunch of hicks stuck in a bar at night fend off a pack of unknown beasts pouncing around outside. The beasts themselves are highly illogical and inconceivable: furry humanoids who are cruel, spawn faster than rabbits, and reach sexual puberty in thirty minutes. That’s funny, but not that funny, and certainly disgusting and not very scary.

Regardless of that fact, I loved Feast. While the monsters were outrageous, the so-called heroes couldn’t summon my sympathy to save their life, and I was robbed of my chance to see nude breast on film, I loved Feast because it features a well-written plot. The plot is rich and will turn upside down anything and almost everything you come to expect from a horror film. The first few minutes do a great job showing you that you shouldn’t take the film as seriously as the typical horror film, and you should forget the notions you had about horror films, at least for this one.

Telling you more would spoil the appeal of Feast, so I’m going to keep this brief. If you have fairly iron nerves like I do, you may not get scared, and you may think the premise of this film is as insulting as most other horror films. However, you can’t deny that Feast will pleasantly surprise even the horror film crowd, and for that alone does this film stand out.

~ Setsuna Setsunai


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