Movie Review: Serenity

This movie has wonderfully surprising moments.

Director: Joss Whedon (Firefly)
MPAA Rating: PG-13 (sequences of intense violence and action, and some sexual references)
What I Expected: An interesting sci-fi film with a quirky cast.
What I Got: An interesting and well-written sci-fi film with a quirky cast and excellent action sequences.
Appeals To: Firefly fans, sci-fi afficionados, action fans.

If you haven’t seen the trailer to Serenity, you’d be doing yourself a favor not to. It unfortunately compacts a number of scenes which are supposed to be surprises into a thirty second clip, and it still doesn’t do justice to what this movie has in store for you. Just take it from me when I say this movie brings you a number of charming surprises while delivering an intriguing plot and exciting action sequences.

Since I have the upper hand of not being the trailer, the best part about Serenity is its surprise factor. This is much akin to the Feast review I wrote a while back: the movie breaks a few rules and keeps you interested. There are more scenes than you can count on your hands where you will be candidly surprised in a funny or serious way. That is, you would if you didn’t see the trailer. The trailer unfortunately shows at least five of these scenes, which means you will know they’re coming when its time comes in the movie. That doesn’t detract from the experience of the movie, but its value increases when you weren’t expecting it. Rest assured, you will grab your remote for that golden rewind button, exclaiming with gaping jaw, “I can’t believe they just said that!” or “did that really just happen?”

Of course, none of that would actually work if the cast weren’t lovable and quirky. Admittedly, many of the characters are one-dimensional for most of this movie, but it works in context of the movie. From the first moment you meet these characters, you probably wouldn’t want them to change anyway. The star of this movie, Nathan Fillion, clearly plays the most diverse character in the script and is given the most attention, but he’s wonderful because of how well he plays off of the other characters; he’s sharp, fast, and clever, even if it’s slightly stereotypical. Hey, it doesn’t get old, anyway, and Joss Whedon does a wonderful job writing for it.

The action scenes are equally as poignant. Nathan Fillion plays his action roles well and consistent to character. Chiwetel Ejiofor, playing a perfectly loathesome villain, also plays his role excellently in action scenes. Adam Baldwin and Gina Torres works well in the shootout and chase scenes, too. Of course, when it comes to action, the spotlight belongs to the lovely and talented Summer Glau. She has some of the best martial arts sequences that I’ve seen in any movie, and she’s endlessly fun to watch.

To say more would be doing a disservice to Serenity. This movie is so well written, you don’t need to care what it’s about or know anything ahead of time to enjoy. Watch the movie, and you won’t regret it.

~ Setsuna Setsunai


One Response to “Movie Review: Serenity”

  1. Nestor G Says:

    This was a good movie. It sucks what happened towards the end but i think they intended this to be a closure for the series.
    still I hope to see more of this in the future. I guess they didnt market it very well.

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