Welcome to CxM! (Inaugural Post)

Welcome to Civitas Ex Machina! (That’s Latin for “city from machine.”) I’m a tech professional by weekday, a gamer by weeknight, and a curious urbanite by weekend. I have eclectic tastes, a penchant for learning about my passions, and an itchy keyboard finger.

And you can read all about it here, on the blog dedicated to movies, games, and food, with some geek/entertainment excursions on the side. Essentially, this is a geek’s approach to real life, hoping to bridge the gap between the bohemian and the techie.

Typically, my updates will be in the following format:

  • Mix-up Monday: Mondays feature an editorial, a vlog/vodcast, a comic, or whatever I feel like writing, though usually I’ll try to stray from reviews on this day.
  • Wednesday’s Retrograde Review: Wednesdays will feature a review of a video game or a movie from yesteryear, which means anywhere from one to several years ago.
  • Friday’s Weekend Watch/Recent Review: Fridays will have a review of a recent movie, a recent video game, or a restaurant, or it will highlight an upcoming event.

I may update more than this given the amount of material I have, but I will try to keep this schedule as a minimum.

Hopefully, without further ado, my first blog will be up anytime soon.

~ Setsuna Setsunai


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